Day 3 – untitled

my heart swells
looking at you
those open eyes

and they say
is happiness

but perfection
is fitting my leg 
around your hip
and sinking into
your skin

sinking so deep
that I am lost 
unable to find
the caliginous night

and may the night
come only when we
are ready to let
our bones rest
and twine tightly


Day 2 – nerves

bundled up like cords
under your computer

as you pet my cheek
and try to untangle

electricity flowing through
jolting my skin

making the hair
tip toe on the back of my neck

as you shrink away
becoming a blip in my vision

coiling tighter and tighter
shredding my world

sensory scenes surging
into my vision

staying muddled up 
killing me

Day One – Umbrella

the smell of fresh
plastic delights me 
as I expose
the thin wings and
stretch them
for the first time

you will smile 
that pink little smile
and say its because
I love the rain
but I will smile
my own chapped smile
and shake my head

I will never tell you 
why I love these
colourful contraptions
and you will always wonder
but I will always know
I love the shelter


Going to attempt to do this! I know it’s three days in but I wrote two poems for the first day and yesterday but have been too busy to post! I hope this counts. 🙂 


Chiseled bones, 

formulating a spell.

Scraping stones,

to spark the fires of hell. 







Into the sleep.

To accept the night,

abandon the promises you said you’d keep.

Recoil from the light.


Allure your bygone self,

crawl away from your filthy bed.

Unwind yourself,

Pity and wretchedness: shed.


Watch as the demons spare you,

as the dust settles.

The gleam of a sword, withdrew. 

Piercing the air, the beautiful metals.


Divulge the validity.

reveal the raw.

Skin warms to the lucidity,

and they remain in awe.


Sometimes these bones ache,

as they play against each other.

Eerie piano notes they make,

asking if you now love her.

Nebulas and the Extrinsic

I. Espy.

And I watch.

Uneven breaths break from between closed lips.

An observatory in the heavens, looking out to the wonders of the unknown.

Caught between the diamonds in the sky.

Hues of purple, blue and burnt orange tint the raven heavens.

It is not a star, no, that is too elementary.

A brilliant cluster of light and colour.

Gathered together in an almost orchestrated whirlwind.

II. Nebula.

Spawned from so many wonders,

a perfect combination of all that is a mystery.

Dust from our past.

Incubating the bright stars of our future.

I am captivated, watching him.

Does he feel my presence?

Nay. I am infinitesimal to his scale.

Yet I watch, hoping the strength of my gaze produces a response.

III. Enigma.

I fathom nothing.

We are linked, by nothing more than sight.

But yet, I feel on the verge of happiness,

and then wrapped up in a shroud.

In a millennia, his light will have reached me.

However it is futile, for then I no longer watch.

Time is too great for my mortal soul.

I will depart, eyes no longer locked on an enigma.


More Than This

“maybe it’s because it’s late at night. or early in the morning. i don’t know which one. maybe it’s because i wish i had someone else’s sweatshirt to wear. maybe it’s because there are so many songs in the world and i am sad because i will never be able to hear them all. maybe it’s because everything is covered in snow and for some reason, snow makes things quiet. maybe it’s because i want to cry because i will never be able to fix everything that so desperately needs repair. maybe it’s because i, myself, am so far beyond repair. maybe it’s because i’m always feeling trapped. but whatever it is that’s making me want to live has settled inside of me and it won’t calm down till my hands are in the air and i’m running, running nowhere and everywhere as fast as i can. i just want to run, to live. maybe it’s the greying hope for the future. maybe it’s the teenage angst, the desire to get away. or maybe, just maybe, it’s because i’m destined for something more than this.”